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Tiger & Dragon Padogas – Kaohsuing, Taiwan

We’ll assist you in beginning the sometimes time-consuming & tiresome task of planning your trip or vacation, from start to finish. Sourcing & quoting the best flights, accommodations, travel insurances and experiences on your behalf. We will even inform you on CoVid-19 regulations and requirements.

Itineraries & Experiences

Kloof- Durban, South Africa

Organising the finer details of your getaway such as activities or dinner plans, can be overwhelming and confusing. We will curate a specifically personal itinerary for every day of your holiday, based on your travel preferences & objectives.


Kaohsuing Tram, Taiwan

Having a successful vacation requires more than having enough money to get there and back. Travel is a sunk cost and you need to ensure that you get the most value out of your time away. We can help you practically plan your trip expenses including- daily costs, high level budgeting, saving plans and foreign exchange.

The only trip you’ll regret is the one you never took.

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“Sometimes being Carefree and Black is an act of revolution”….

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