Hi, I’m Whitney – Creator & Travel Enthusiast

“Sometimes being Carefree and Black is an act of revolution”

History shows that as a Black Woman, I am meant to be everything but CAREFREE- strong, resilient, angry and burdened. Not me, Satan!

I reject that narrative and my resistance looks like living the life that was never intended for some one like me, accessing the things that have been kept from us for so long and entering the spaces we were socially, politically and economically locked out of. My resistance is freedom, adventure, flexibility and joy- everything not on the cards for us, historically. In the last 5 years, I have travelled to 6 countries and various cities including; Thailand, Tanzania & Zanzibar, Taiwan, The United States, The Philippines and Ghana.

My dream is for every black person with the desire to see more of the world, to do exactly that! Whether it be leaving your province or visiting a new country- I want you to know that its possible, affordable and so worthwhile. My job is to help you have the best time and get the most out of your trip. I’m here to talk you through the nitty gritty of Visas, travel documents, finances and vibes! As well as plan every part of your journey and arrange every experience for the duration of your travel.

Get your bags packed…

Yours in leisure,

The Vacationist

Check out our gallery for some of my favourite vacation pics.

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